Short film, 14 mins, 2021

The year 2000 was to bring change, hope, the scare of the millennium bug and possibly the end of the world. A cover band prepare for a gig at a New Year’s Eve party in a run-down community centre. Personalities clash as they cope with the reality that this is not Wembley Stadium, fame and fortune is not imminent and they can no longer hide their demons.

Cast: Tobi Ejirele, Ann Hailey, Iván Herróz, Ashley Joy, Joshua Samuels.

Director: Alisa Tritenko

Writer: Helena Sutcliffe

Cinematographer: Norbert Strehle

Producer: Amanda Brennan

Production Design: Noemi Daboczi

Sound recordist:Stefania Fantini

Editor: Razvan Barseti



Short film, 1 min, 2020

In a long dark hallway divided into sections by doors, some walk through with ease, and for others, it's more of a challenge.

Cast: Olga Kotilevskaya, Daniil Lysenko, Tao Kwok, Samantha Russel , Anna Kornilova.

Director/Producer/Editor: Alisa Tritenko

Cinematographer: Zeta Spyraki

Production Design: Nia Fausset


2020 - Mobile Film Festival - International Grand prize



Short film, 13 mins, 2019

Inspired by real events, Sink or Swim is an absurdist comedy about Kate, a young English woman who is trying to reunite with her son after he was by abducted by her ex-husband in Russia.

Cast: Sophia Carlotta, Viktor Fokin, Mikhail Mukhin, Artur Kozin, Grant Kagramanyan, Yulia Khamitova, Lidiya Katashuk, Elena Pandzharidi

Director: Alisa Tritenko

Cinematographer: Norbert Strehle

Producer: Ksenia Rubina

Production Design: Svetlana Loskutnikova

Editor: Lana Chesnokova

Sound editor: Zhanna Kugotova


2020 - Encounters - Official Selection



Music video, 2019

Music video shot for aspiring artist Zola Marcelle for her last single Crying in the Dark.

Director: Alisa Tritenko

Cinematographer: Zeta Spyraki

Spark: Cem Demirer.



Short film, 18 mins, 2018

Igor’s big Russian wedding with Alla was supposed to be the best day of his life, but actually it is the opposite: is he feeling so sick because he realises that he made a mistake or because Alla in fact enchanted him into the marriage?

Cast: Dmitriy Kubasov, Anna Kotova Deryabina, Maria Rasskazova, Elena Stepanova, Vera Lofitskaya, Aleksander Shishkin, Eugene Markov, Mikhail Feditskiy

Director: Alisa Tritenko

Cinematographer: Norbert Strehle

Producer: Anastasia Raykova

Production Design: Ekaterina Spiridonova

Sound recordist: Ilya Petuhov, Dilyara Izmaylova

Editor: Razvan Barseti


2017 - Russian Film Week, UK

2017 - St Anna Festivals of Student and Debut Films, Russia


MAYBE_Spring is coming

Corporate, 1 min, 2018

The video was created for a young Russian brand Maybe to celebrate its new spring collection. 

Cast: Ksenia Malikova

Director: Alisa Tritenko

Cinematographer: Norbert Strehle

Producer: Anastasia Raykova

Production Design: Alex Troy, Sveta Lo

Editor: Alisa Tritenko



Documentary, 13 mins, 2018

Seventy sleepers slept outside in the courtyard at London’s Somerset House, on Wednesday, 11 October, to raise the profile of homelessness and funds for Depaul UK and Depaul International. This short film interviews some of the sleepers to answer the question: "Will it actually make a difference?".

Director: Alisa Tritenko

Cinematographer: Luca Nappa

Editor: Alisa Tritenko



Short film, 5 mins, 2018

The film is a part of the global filmmaking competition Impact 50.  When the life of the whole humanity is under horrible threat, parents make a desperate decision to save their beloved daughter.

Cast: Elena Sirina, Ben Gardner Gray, Malvina Spoti

Director: Alisa Tritenko

Cinematographer: Kamil Dobrosielski

Producer: Enni Red

Writer: Enni Red

Production Design: Danil Lysenko

Sound recordist: Falcon

Editor: Michał Białożej



Short film, 9 mins, 2016

George leaves his family house to study abroad but his ghost stays in the house to make sure that his younger brother is okay. Farewell is a touching story of family love and longing. The film is a Term 4 London Film School exercise shot on 35 mm in a set constructed by students.

Cast: Rodion Kilinc, Yossi Goodlink, Beth Chalmers

Director: Alisa Tritenko

Cinematographer: Sin Yuen

Producer: Hero Mackenzie

Sound recordist: Heikki Simppula

Editor: Louisa Hawkins



Short film, 3 mins, 2015

The short film was inspired by a painting from the National Gallery "The Magdalene Reading'.​ Magdalene biggest passion is reading. Will she be able to distinguish imaginary world from reality?

Cast: Claire Cordier, Damian Escayg

Director: Alisa Tritenko

Cinematographer: Nia Fausset

Editor: Alisa Tritenko



Short film, 5 mins, 2015

Stela develops romantic feelings for her art teacher but he sees her just as an object to paint.

Cast: Stela Toba, Razvan Barseti.

Director: Alisa Tritenko

Cinematographer: Claudia Paslaru

Production Design: Nia Fausset

Editor: Ian Chen

2018 - Cinemasuono competition, Italy, 3d prize



Short film, 6 mins, 2012

One day a little boy brings to the school an unusual article.

Cast: Elisey Tarasenko, Anna Astashkina, Oleg Zhdanov, Rostislav Gulbis

Director: Alisa Tritenko

Cinematographer: Stanislav Vedernikov

Producer: Oleg Ageichev, Alisa Tritenko

Production Design: Darya Denisova

Sound recordist: Boris Shaps, Aleksandra Kanapina

Editor: Egor Kasatsky